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What is it?

Repeated IVF failure is defined as more than 3 failed embryo transfers with high-quality embryos or the failed transfer of more than 10 embryos in multiple transfers.

Why do IVF cycles fail?

For a successful implantation and pregnancy, one needs a good grade blastocyst embryo, a receptive endometrium, a proper synchrony between them and a favourable maternal environment.  
Issues can arise at any stage and can lead to implantation failure. 

Conditions for a successful

Why BankerIVF can solve these problems

Our experienced team of doctors frequently see such cases of failed IVF cycles every day and are fully competent in helping them have a pregnancy.  

We have the state-of-the-art IVF lab facilities and the best team of highly experienced 8 full-time embryologists.  

We provide highly advanced lab to handle embryo biopsies and perform PGT testing to get chromosomally normal embryos which can implant and perform endometrial receptivity assessment like ERA test. 

We are dedicated to providing precise diagnoses of both genetic and uterine pathologies. Our stringent quality control program, coupled with our proprietary software, ensures that everything is functioning precisely as it should be at all times. 

We offer a comprehensive range of advanced treatments, all conveniently located under one roof. 

Our aim is to implant a chromosomally normal embryo in your personalized window of implantation

Don't forget that out of all cases of IVF failures, 70% of cases are correctable!
20% - 30% cases remain unexplained in-spite of all possible testing and treatment.
A good team of medical professionals can give you the best treatment and help you achieve pregnancy.

Success rate at our clinic

We have a high success rate of more than 65%
in couples with failed IVF cycles elsewhere!

Couples from all over the world with failed cycles come here
for treatment and most of them go back with a pregnancy!

Couples from all over the world with failed cycles come here for treatment and most of them go back with a pregnancy!

Advanced Services at Banker IVF

Get pregnant in the fastest & most effective way

PGT-A testing

A genetic screening technique used in IVF to identify chromosomal abnormalities in embryos  

ERA testing

A diagnostic tool used to assess the timing of endometrial receptivity in IVF cycles, increasing the chances of embryo implantation  

Blastocyst Culture for all

Allowing for better embryo selection and reducing the need for multiple transfers

One Incubator per patient policy

This can give an uninterrupted environment for the embryo to grow, help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and improve embryo development

Advanced sperm tests like DFI, HBA

Advanced tests to provide more accurate assessments of sperm quality, identifying potential issues that may impact fertilization and treating this with advanced solutions like PICSI