Our team is highly experienced and is committed to provide
the best possible treatment to all our patients.
Dr. Banker’s IVF (at Nova IVF Fertility, Ahmedabad) has some of
the best IVF specialists in Gujarat.

Our team believes that each patient is special and must be catered to with utmost care and dedication. We use top-notch scientific techniques in our state-of-the-art laboratories and facilities to gain the best results.

As a proof of our consistent patient and safety-oriented approach, our hospital has full NABH accreditation in the category of Small Health Care Organisations, the first standalone IVF unit in India to achieve this.

Our team of IVF experts in Ahmedabad is here to provide the best care and treatment through years of experience and expertise. We are committed to your well-being and constantly strive to achieve the best results.

Our IVF Lab, The Heart of an IVF Clinic

Our IVF Lab team in Ahmedabad consists of ten highly qualified staff with special expertise in different fields. We have a team of six embryologists with an average experience of 6.4 years and four andrologists with an average experience of 7.3 years.

The IVF lab is located on the 4th floor in a secluded area. Entry to the lab is restricted and is through double lock door mechanism. It has modular walls, is light and temperature controlled. The IVF laboratory is equipped with top-class Air Handling Units (AHUs), which ensures clean circulation of air, maintains an ideal temperature and positive pressure inside the lab. We have separate rooms for PGS and vitrification.

Our labs are well equipped with all the necessary and advanced equipments.

Laminar Flow

Laminar flow hood

We have 6 top-notch laminar air flows which are temperature-controlled and used for dish preparation and manipulation of gametes.

Heracell Incubator

Heracell Incubator

Our lab is equipped with 5 working incubators and 1 mini working incubator. This minimizes disturbance while in culture and keeps the culture sterile.


Culture incubator

Our lab is equipped with 16 MINC bench-top incubators that ensure better culturing for the embryos.

Laminar Flow


We have a time-lapse embryoscope to ensure stable incubation while automatically acquiring images of the developing embryos at defined intervals

– Quality Control and assurance programme:

QC and QA are critical for any laboratory to produce accurate results. We follow very stringent QA QC protocols and are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment including a temperature probe, CO2 analyzer, Humidity control and VOC meter. Our indigenously developed software helps us manage QC and QA in the laboratory.


– Robust double witnessing protocol:

All our doctors, embryologists, andrologists and staff members follow a strict double witnessing protocol, which means witnessing any or all parameter/s involving patients gametes or embyros by two persons.


– Audits:

We maintain regular internal and external audits for SOP, record maintenance, stock consumption etc. We adhere to quality management practices such as incidence reports, rectification and learning from errors. We are constantly updated with the latest knowledge through internal webinars and through our embryologists who regularly attend national and international conferences.

Andrology lab

Our facility offers comprehensive andrology services through our consultant andrologists and a dedicated andrology laboratory equipped with the latest equipments and technology. We address all male fertility issues in thorough detail.

Operation Theatres

The clinic has 2 operation theatres :

For Egg Collection :
This is situated adjoining to the IVF laboratory and connected to it through a pass box and door for the easy and secure movement of eggs and embryos.

For Endoscopy :
There is a dedicated endoscopy theatre designed as per standard and world-wide accepted guidelines.

Embryo Transfer Room

We have a separate room for Embryo transfer, which has a Dedicated Sonography machine and a Urogynec chair. It is directly connected to the IVF laboratory to minimize the exposure of embryos to the external environment.

General Areas Of The Clinic

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