Treatment Process by Dr Banker


Donor treatments

The clinic provides all type of donor treatments like sperm donation, egg donation and embryo donation. This is required by couples who have problems in production of their own sperms and / or eggs. These treatments are provided with due precautions and after thorough counseling and screening


For couples who have more complex problems not solved by basic treatments, we offer the full range of advanced treatments. This is especially for couples with repeated IVF failures, repeated abortions, advanced maternal age etc. There are tests to check the receptive status of the uterus [ endometrium ] – Endometrial Receptivity Analysis [ ERA, EMMA, ALICE ], tests to check whether a normal looking embryo is having any chromosomal problem by Pre Implantation Genetic Testing [ PGT-A ] or has any specific genetic problem [ PGT-M ]. These help in selecting a better quality embryo for transfer at the most appropriate time.


We proved all types of surgical treatments for treating infertility. For the male, this involves testicular biopsy, varicocele surgery, Micro TESE etc. For the female, we have a dedicated, fully equipped endoscopy OT to perform all types of endoscopy procedures : diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, and diagnostic and operative laparoscopy : to surgically treat problems of the uterus, ovaries and the surrounding pelvis.

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