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In-house laboratory tests

Certain blood tests help us in determining the cause of infertility and also in forming a treatment plan for the couple. Examination with ultrasound along with blood tests are an essential part in the workup of infertility. To ensure that the patients have safe treatment and pregnancy, some blood and urine tests are done prior to treatment initialization to confirm that all parameters are within the normal range.

Here, for the convenience of the patients, all the tests are done in the hospital itself.

Farida Khan

My husband and I are very happy with the treatment we received. It was not that expensive either. We got a lot of confidence and we’re definitely planning to come back soon.


After 20 years of marriage, we have been blessed with a baby girl. This blessing is not only from God but also from Dr. Manish Banker. We had tried various options and had undergone many treatments at different hospitals in Mumbai, but all efforts were in vain. After all these failed efforts, finally, Dr.Manish performed a miracle. I congratulate Dr. Banker for the astonishing success of 30,140 dreams

Ami Udayan Dave

The journey from being an employee to a patient was smooth and ultimately joyful as we were blessed with our first child. While the journey had its own set of anxieties, all is well that ends well. I am very grateful to the Centre in general and to each and every staff member in particular who played a very important role during the process. I wish others like me the best of life. Have faith and everything will turn out just fine.

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