Types of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ARTs) in India

Did you know that 1 in 6 couples experience infertility in India??

What are the causes of blocked fallopian tubes? A basic understanding of tubal blockage

Fallopian tubal blockage is one of the most common causes for infertility. It is important to understand how it can affect one’s chance with pregnancy. Learn about the symptoms, diagnosis and causes of blocked fallopian tubes in this article.

6th May 2021

What is ectopic pregnancy? Symptoms and causes of ectopic pregnancy

What is an ectopic pregnancy? What are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy? What are its causes? In this blog by Dr. Manish Banker and team, we will answer all of these questions.
Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy when the egg is fertilized outside the uterus.

27th April 2021

Yoga to increase fertility – Does it actually work?

Yoga is known to help with general reproductive health, however, does yoga increase fertility work? In this blog by Dr. Manish Banker, Ahmedabad, let us understand how yoga helps with reproductive health and also explore fertility yoga, yoga poses for pregnancy, and more.

12th April 2021

Uterine Fibroids | Types, Signs & Treatments

Uterine fibroids are non-cancerous growth that grows in or on the uterus. Are they dangerous? Learn about the management of uterine fibroids in this blog.

25th February 2021

Chocolate Cyst Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Healthy ovaries can be affected by chocolate cysts as a result of endometriosis.
Learn about chocolate cyst symptoms and ovarian cyst management.

25th February 2021

Fertility preservation and common myths to avoid

Fertility preservation solutions are popular and safe for intended parents. However, since the internet is big and full of information, the information can be passed on wrong, leading to myths and misconceptions.

10th February 2021

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