IVF Treatment in Ahmedabad

Banker IVF, one of Ahmedabad’s best IVF clinics, is an institution that embodies hope and solace for a large number of aspiring parents. Led by the renowned IVF expert, Dr. Manish Banker, our team of experienced specialists is dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and personalised IVF solutions.

About Us

  • Banker IVF is one of the best, most trusted IVF clinics in Ahmedabad. With 65 years of trusted legacy, the Banker name stands tall as an embodiment of hope, dedication, and unwavering commitment to helping families realise their dreams of parenthood.
  • Our esteemed facility stands out as a beacon of hope for couples who are ready to embark on the long-awaited journey to parenthood.
  • At Banker IVF, we carry an understanding that directly translates into comprehending just how unique each individual’s fertility journey is.
  • It is our compassionate consultation and an unflinching commitment to providing fertility solutions that has made us the best IVF clinic in Ahmedabad.
  • In addition, our experts address various, unique fertility-related issues with specialised treatment solutions. The state-of-the-art facility at Banker IVF is equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced laboratories, ensuring that our patients receive the highest standard of care.
  • Join us at Banker IVF Hospital, where your parenthood dreams are nurtured with compassion, expertise, and an unflinching commitment to excellence.

IVF Eligibility: Who Meets the Criteria?

Before looking up IVF clinics in Ahmedabad, one must make sure that IVF is the right solution for them. Usually, IVF is advised for people who have one of the following fertility-related issues:

  1. One or both fallopian tubes are blocked
  2. Male fertility can become a causative factor
  3. Conception failure despite the consumption of fertility drugs
  4. Failure in conception even after undergoing procedures like IUI.
  5. When someone below the age of 35 is unable to conceive naturally even after a year of actively trying.
  6. When someone is above the age of 35 and fails to conceive naturally after naturally trying for 6 months.

Why opt for Banker IVF?

  1. The Banker promise comes with an unwavering legacy of over 32 years.
  2. Led by IVF expert Dr. Manish Banker, our team of established IVF specialists is consistently dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise and personalised treatment solutions tailored to our patients’ unique needs.
  3. We offer an in-depth understanding of the medical and financial aspects of the treatment to our patients so that they can make the right, most cost-effective choice for themselves.
  4. We offer a world class IVF clinic in Ahmedabad, that comes with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art facilities.
  5. Banker IVF has made over 20,000 successful pregnancies possible.
  6. Banker IVF has an empathetic and incredibly supportive staff that is lauded by a large community of Banker’s patients.
  7. We, at Banker, have a team of 11 highly-qualified IVF specialists, each specialising in distinct fields. It has 6 full-time embryologists with an average experience of nearly 6 years and 5 full-time andrologists with a similar average experience.
  8. We have a dedicated team that ensures the employment of comprehensive expertise in all aspects of assisted reproductive technology.

What are the treatments provided at Banker IVF, Ahmedabad?



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Advanced treatments

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT) at Advanced Infertility Treatment Center.

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Laparoscopic Hysteroscopy (Endoscopy) Surgery in Ahmedabad

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Consultation and Fertility Counseling:

Any patient’s first visit to the clinic involves an in-depth discussion around their medical history, any underlying illnesses and relevant treatments so far.

2-D and 3D Ultrasound:

In order to ensure increased accuracy in evaluating infertility, Banker IVF utilises 2-D and 3-D ultrasound technology subsequently providing invaluable insights. Ultrasound’s advanced imaging also plays a crucial role in identifying structural issues, malformations, or birth defects in the uterus.  

Ovulation Study:

To observe and assess the growth of follicles in the ovaries, we perform a follicular study. This study is primarily aimed at following the growth of egg-carrying follicles until ovulation.

Ovarian Reserve Testing:

Ovarian Reserve Testing is primarily aimed at gauging one’s chances of successful conception by counting the number of viable/potential eggs in one’s ovaries.

Advanced Genetic Treatment:

Our advanced treatments, includes ERA which is used for precise embryo transfer timing and PGT which is used for chromosomal and genetic analysis. These testsare carefully designed to ensure IVF success. While PGT-M is made to target single gene disorders, PGT-SR essentially focuses on structural issues, subsequently increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy for couples who have certain genetic concerns.

What is the success rate of Banker IVF, Ahmedabad?

Over the last 32 years, Banker IVF has achieved a remarkably high success rate, evidenced by over 20,000 successful pregnancies delivered.

The aforementioned feat openly attests to our unwavering commitment to excellence and unparalleled expertise in the field of assisted reproduction.


1. Where is Banker IVF, Ahmedabad located?

Banker IVF, Ahmedabad has two branches. While the first one is located at 108, near Swastik Cross Road, Swastik Society, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009, the second branch is located at Address: 205, Shilp Satved, opposite Sindhu Bhawan, PRL Colony, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054.

2. What is the cost of fertility treatments at Banker IVF?

The total cost of various IVF treatments available at Banker IVF is gauged and calculated after the patient is done visiting and consulting their assigned IVF expert.

3. Which IVF clinic has the highest success rate in Ahmedabad?

With a proud track record of fostering over 20,000 successful IVF pregnancies, Banker IVF stands out as an IVF clinic in Ahmedabad that has one of the highest success rates.

4. Which IVF clinic in Ahmedabad has the most advanced technology and infrastructure?

With a legacy of over 32 years, Banker IVF stands out as an IVF clinic with the best, most advanced technology and infrastructure  in Ahmedabad.

5. What is the ideal age for egg freezing?

The ideal age for egg freezing lies somewhere between 30-35. The reason behind the same is simple – the possibility of successful natural conception starts to see an unusual fall after the age of 35.

6. Is IVF painful?

The impact or after effects of IVF may vary from patient to patient. While a few parts of the process like egg retrieval and injections can cause mild discomfort, the rest of the process ideally shouldn’t result in much pain.

7. What is the right age for IVF?

The age range between 20 and 30 is usually considered as the right age bracket for IVF because the quality and the quantity of a woman’s eggs are generally at their best during these years.

8. Are IVF babies healthy?

Yes, IVF babies are as healthy as the ones delivered by natural conception.  That being said, in some cases, children born via assisted reproductive techniques or ART may be more vulnerable to poor perinatal outcome, birth defects, and epigenetic disorders.

9. What is the duration of an IVF cycle?

An IVF cycle ideally takes around 6 to 8 weeks. This period includes pre-treatment consultation, ovarian analysis, retrieval of eggs, transferring of embryos and an eventual pregnancy test.  

10. Who is IVF for?

IVF is generally recommended for individuals or couples, below the age of 35, who have been actively attempting to conceive for a year without success. When natural conception seems like a challenge, IVF stands out as an unconventional solution.

11. Is IVF safe for mothers?

While IVF is usually a safe process, it might involve a few risks in some cases. Being a long and fairly unpredictable procedure, IVF can often become a cause of stress for aspiring mothers. Other more severe risks may include ectopic pregnancies, multiple pregnancies etc

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