Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing an IVF Clinic

If you intend to find a fertility clinic to get pregnant, ensure that your first move is to do a lot of research to find one. You do not have to end up picking an IVF hospital that you have just heard about first. Fertility treatment and testing is a huge action that asks you to invest a lot of your time, resources, and money. So, you have to choose nothing but the best.

Choosing a clinic with the best expertise, reputation, and experience is more important than ever. But do not forget to check whether the clinic will provide you with much-needed support as well. You have to ensure that your fertility team looks after you and offers counselling, personal guidance, cutting-edge technology, and more.

You can ensure a worry-free IVF journey if you have found a perfect fertility clinic. Here we give some tips for choosing the right IVF clinic for you.

How to Choose the Best Fertility Clinic for You?


Doing some research on a fertility clinic and finding out the number of years the clinic has been offering treatment is indispensable. A fertility clinic, having vast experience, will have highly trained doctors and staff specializing in infertility treatments.

At Banker IVF, our fertility specialist, Dr Manish Banker, having 30+ years of experience, has given more than 20,000 couples the happiness of becoming parents. You can visit the IVF clinic and interact with the staff to understand the surrounding environment.

Success Rate

The success rate has always been a defining factor of an IVF clinic. So, you should always look out for the success rate of fertility clinics that provide complex treatments like IVF, IVF-ICSI, IUI, and more. You will generally find the success rate of a clinic on their website.

However, it is critical that you discuss their success rates in-depth in person and do not take the figure at par. Keep in mind that different success rates determine each procedure, and they vary depending on the age group of the patients.


With exceptional technological advances, the odds of conception have seen incredible evolution. Likewise, you do not have to settle for any fertility clinic – only go for the one that offers modern fertility treatments using high-tech facilities.

You should find a good fertility clinic, preferably with in-house staff and facilities. Finding a fertility clinic that carries out every procedure from Laser Assisted Hatching, Blastocyst culture, Embryo scope, and Cryopreservation for Sperm and Oocyte to embryos in their facility is highly convenient. Take a look at our facilities.


Before you say yes to an IVF clinic, get complete clarity on the costs. The IVF clinic should provide you with a list of all the prices. Also, there must be no hidden costs that come as a surprise after you have begun. IVF cost depends on many things from drugs used, treatments given, lab quality & more.

Overall, you need to be aware of what you’re getting in exchange for your money, time, and emotional engagement. A good fertility clinic will ensure the following ethics and transparency in medical and financial practices. This will help you prepare your finances and make any necessary financial arrangements.

Support Available

Fertility can transform your life for good. However, visiting a fertility specialist is an awkward and intimidating process. Couples frequently experience depression and anxiety both before and during treatment. As a result, a fertility clinic must provide psychological counselling to patients at all stages of treatment.

With the best medical care and attention, you feel lighter and reassured to know that there is optimum support and counselling available to you from experts. You would not dread visiting a fertility clinic because you can talk freely and openly to the staff and doctors.

Speak to someone who knows the clinic

Maybe you have a family member or a friend who has had IVF treatment, and you can ask them what they think and how they found their experience. If you don’t know anyone, you could try reading some first-hand testimonials or personal stories from our patients. Check out below what Ms Dhara Patel has to say about her experience at Banker IVF:

Banker IVF is the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad that provides advanced fertility treatments to their patients at an affordable cost, using cutting-edge technology along with offering emotional support at every stage. 

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