Helpful Tips to Improve Egg Quality in Women

Numerous factors are associated while conceiving, and the quality of the egg is one of them. Women trying to conceive shouldn’t ignore the quality and quantity of eggs. Healthy eggs can help achieve natural pregnancy, and poor eggs can hinder it. Most women fail to understand the significance of healthy eggs in fertility. Inherently, the quality and quantity of eggs deteriorate as women age. But a healthy lifestyle can slow down the degeneration and enhances fertility in women.

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Tips to Improve Egg Quality in Women

Enhance Blood Flow

Blood flow is vital for the overall health of the eggs. The oxygen-rich blood must flow to the ovaries to maintain the quality. A healthy blood circulation optimally delivers blood as well as nutrients to every organ of the body. If the heart works perfectly then there will be less stress on other parts of your body. Poor circulation can be a result of several negative habits but it can be rectified. Drinking adequate water keeps your body hydrated, thus improving blood flow. Exercise is also an excellent way to increase blood flow in women. Moreover, yoga and massage therapy too can improve blood circulation.

A Healthy Diet

You are what you eat, is true. Because our body requires a healthy and balanced diet to function properly. A bit of compromise in it can affect general health. That in turn may reduce the quality of eggs. There is no superfood to boost egg quality instantly but following a balanced and healthy diet will gradually improve egg quality in women. Thus, increasing the odds of successful natural pregnancy. Including seafood, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables can lead to better egg quality in women.

Quit Smoking

Cigarettes should be avoided even if you don’t expect pregnancy as it severely affects general health in both men and women. The harmful effects of nicotine present in cigarettes can decrease your fertility. Also, it can impact the quality and quantity of eggs in women. The toxic chemicals of cigarettes can also mutate the eggs, thus making them unsuitable for fertilization.

Not just cigarettes but excess consumption of alcohol and caffeine too affects the quality of eggs in women. Therefore, such toxic intakes should be avoided as much as possible or at least reduced up to a safe level.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Weight is of utmost importance when a woman is trying to conceive. Women who are overweight do ovulate but the quality of their eggs is reduced. This affects their ability to conceive. Obesity also comes with increased oxidative stress and other disruption in the body’s function. Body mass index (BMI) is used to denote a person’s weight. If the BMI is between 18.5 to <25 then it is considered a healthy weight. But if it is between 25.0 to <30 then it falls under the overweight range. BMI beyond 30 is the obesity range. Women can avoid pregnancy complications associated with being overweight by losing some extra kilos. A well-balanced diet combined with exercise can help lose weight. This may improve the quality of eggs in women.

Relieve Stress

These days everyone is surrounded by stress for one or the other reason. Women trying to conceive should keep a check on their stress levels. Stress not only makes everyday activities tough to enjoy but negatively influences physical health. When a woman is stressed, their body produces excess cortisol and prolactin. Both of these hormones decrease ovulation and egg production. Coping up with stress is not a major task and usually can be done easily. Engaging in yoga, meditation, spending time with your loved ones, taking a walk, listening to music, etc. are simple ways to reduce stress. Furthermore, adequate sleep, relaxation, and naps are needed in between the hustle-bustle of life. If the stress is chronic then seeing a therapist is advised.


Following an active lifestyle can have a major impact on your general health. Exercising helps to stay in shape and improves blood circulation. It helps to bring fresh blood to all the organs of the body, increasing the oxygenated blood. It also keeps your general health in check. If the body is working correctly then the overall quality and quantity of eggs are also maintained in women. The doctor usually advises people seeking fertility treatment to engage in some sort of physical exercise. It can include, walking, running, fertility yoga, playing tennis, and other such sports.

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Seek Treatment

Several factors are responsible for a successful pregnancy and the quality of eggs in women is just one of them. Poor egg quality often affects the ability to conceive. However, bringing a change into the lifestyle by following good habits and avoiding harmful ones can help improve egg quality.

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