How to Stay Positive When You’re Trying to Conceive?

We know making a baby is not easy to do. Only a small share of couples get pregnant on their first shot, and around 10-15% of couples find it difficult to conceive. With increasing fertility concerns, no wonder becoming pregnant has been nerve-wracking.

Whether you have been trying to make a baby for a few months or the last few weeks, you are not aware of how long you will take to carry a pregnancy, and that can undoubtedly test your patience. You may look for signs of pregnancy and, in turn, end up getting on your periods – it could be discouraging, stressful and worrying.

While you wait to get a positive pregnancy test, you need to know that staying positive and happy is your key to parenthood. So, before we give you some tips to be positive when trying to conceive, know the right time to get pregnant.

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What is the Best Time to Conceive?

The best time to have sex is while you’re ovulating, which may last up to six days each month. These six days consist of the five days leading up and the day of ovulation when your body generates an egg from your ovary.

Once released, your egg will survive for 12 to 24 hours. However, because sperm can stay alive inside you for maybe a week, there is a six-day window for sperm to stay for and then meet an egg.

If you have unprotected sex within a day or so of ovulation, you are more likely to conceive. It is, however, difficult to pinpoint the exact day or two before ovulation.

Tips to Stay Positive When Trying to Conceive:

Ward Off Negative Energy

Had a negative pregnancy test, again? That is okay. You may conceive within a year of trying, and it is quite normal. If your pregnancy test came negative today, it does not mean it will always be negative – things will work out – you need to trust and enjoy the process.

A slight change in the way you think will be good. Do not think of it as a failure, but take it as a lengthy procedure. Positive thinking can influence every aspect of life in a great way. So, stay away from everything or anyone who gives you negative energy.


Take a Break

If the conception process is causing stress for you, your spouse, or your relationship, don’t be reluctant to take a break. Take it easy and enjoy spending time. Have sexual intercourse just for enjoyment and pay no heed to period cycle days.

A few months like this can charge up your spirits and won’t spoil your chances of conceiving. Moreover, do everything you feel like – go on a date, watch the movie you’ve been willing to see for a long or catch up with your friends.

Involve Yourself in Other Things

Do not sit idle – the time you spend doing nothing and thinking will be of no good to you. Your overthinking will make you feel like you’re already pregnant, direct you to go and google infertility symptoms or make you sad that you are not pregnant. So, avoid such thoughts and try to stay busy.

Focus on keeping yourself occupied. Meet up with friends, enrol in a class, or begin a new hobby. Find something you cherish so much that you become engrossed in it, and the days pass without you realising how far you are into the two-week wait.


Pregnancy Tests: Don’t Overdo It

While you are trying to get pregnant, you make sure that you take a pregnancy test from time to time. Your primary focus when trying to conceive is to take a pregnancy test or everything related to taking the test, like gathering pregnancy test kits and testing with your timings of taking the test.

Holding yourself from taking a pregnancy test is a tough task, but when you take tests repetitively, they become a desire, and you become habituated to it. Frequent test-taking can raise your stress levels and not lessen them. So, avoid overdoing it.


Do Not Blame Each Other

When you feel like there is a delay in conception, do not make the mistake of getting into the blame game. Neither you should blame yourself, nor you should blame your spouse. Doing so leads to tension, resentment and distance, which is not good for a relationship. So, support and trust each other.

Infertility may be venturing in as a lifestyle issue for the latest generation. It is advised to consult an expert if you cannot conceive after 12 months if you are under 35 and after 6 months if you are over 35. You can book your appointment with Dr Banker to get guidance and treatment on your fertility issues. Dr Banker is the best fertility specialist in India who will help you on your road to fertility.

Before you go – this Mother’s Day, Banker IVF wishes to take a moment to honour you on your path of motherhood, no matter wherever you’re on your journey. Do not feel sad because advanced treatments like IUI and IVF can successfully help you become a mother. And, we know you’re going to be a wonderful one! 

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