Dr. Banker helps a couple having a history of Azoospermia

Mr. & Mrs. S approached our clinic with 5 years of married life and the husband having a history of azoospermia. He had undergone a testicular biopsy outside in which no sperms were retrieved. The couple was advised ICSI with micro TESE.

Micro TESE is a procedure where a biopsy of the testes is taken under magnification using an operating microscope. It is helpful in patients where the routine biopsy has not succeeded in finding sperms.

In the first stage, the lady underwent IVF stimulation with the retrieval of 23 eggs which were frozen. Under microscopic magnification, viable sperms were retrieved and the vitrified eggs were thawed. ICSI was done using these warmed eggs and sperms and 5 blastocysts were obtained. Of these 1 was transferred which resulted in the birth of a healthy male child; presently 6 months of age, the couple has 4 more embryos cryopreserved for future pregnancies.

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