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Can You Exercise During IVF Treatment?

Physical wellness is a blessing for every woman, especially if they’re hoping to conceive. When couples suffer from infertility, IVF treatment is the most popular option they seek. And Banker IVF is an IVF centre in Ahmedabad that has been providing trustable fertility treatments. This blog answers a common yet essential query of women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment.   Generally, exercise is an excellent way of staying in shape and improving health. But, people often wonder if they should exercise or not before, during and after IVF treatment. Internet, advice from friends & relatives, myths and assumptions confuses these women. Read on and learn everything you need to know about exercise and IVF!  

What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most successful types of assisted reproductive technology (ART) that helps infertile females get pregnant. IVF includes a number of medications and surgeries during the procedure. The eggs are taken out of the female body and are then mixed with sperm to turn them into embryos in the lab. A successfully fertilized egg is returned to implant into the uterus with the hope of pregnancy.   Learn the step-by-step process of IVF for a better understanding.    

Things You Need to Know about IVF and Exercising

Fertility doctors carry out IVF treatment in several stages. Each one of these stages is crucial as it holds varying significance and roles. The IVF treatment also involves medications and it stimulates certain hormones. The hormone causes ovaries to produce more and more eggs at the same time. This whole procedure makes the ovaries increase in size up to an extent. The excess stimulation results in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. But you do not need to worry as it severely affects only a tiny portion of women undergoing IVF.   This whole situation has a close link to exercise than you might think. The enlarged ovaries are again at risk of ovarian torsion. It is a condition that badly damages the tissue if left untreated. Considering the risk, it is important to be careful during exercise. Extremely intense exercise can exert strain on ovaries that in turn can twist the fallopian tubes and disrupt the blood flow. This may sound terrifying but it is a fact. Knowing about the risks will reduce the chances of suffering from mishaps if proper precautions are followed.   That being said, the prospect of exercise during IVF treatment is unique to individual cases. An IVF specialist is your best source to seek authentic answers.  

Should You Stop Exercising During Ovulation?

The whole IVF treatment is a delicate procedure and requires being selectively active upon the doctor’s bid. Most IVF doctors recommend avoiding almost every sort of exercise during egg retrieval week. Especially, on the day of egg retrieval. Because there is a high risk of ovarian torsion during this stage of the IVF cycle. You can skip the exercise for this limited time and rest as much as your body requires. You’ll also be on anaesthesia and other medications. Thus, you may feel weakened.  

Exercises to Avoid during IVF

Make sure you avoid running, sprinting, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, or any other intense exercise. In a nutshell, heavy exercising should be dodged at all costs to remain on the safe side. The IVF treatment is not the right time to put pressure on your body and push it beyond the limit. Rather low-moderate exercises should be performed for a few minutes daily. The only reason for exercising during IVF treatment is to keep your body active. Walking, yoga, stretching, etc. are some gentle options to go for.   Also read: 5 Fertility Yoga Asanas that Can Help You Conceive    

Can You Resume Exercising After The Embryo Transfer?

Exercise should certainly be avoided during egg retrieval. But is it okay to start exercising after the embryo transfer has been done?   No, it is not. You will be in a good health followed by embryo transfer but exercise should still be kept at bay. Because you shouldn’t disrupt the embryo implantation process. Just wait till your pregnancy is confirmed. Henceforth, you can continue moderate exercise like before. Unfortunately, if you fail to achieve a successful pregnancy then a little bit of heavy exercise is acceptable. If it can help you reduce stress and cope.  

Should I Start Exercising Before IVF Cycle?

Exercise benefits everyone in many ways whether they’re seeking infertility treatment or not. Staying in good physical shape promotes general health as compared to obesity. Exercise benefits overweight people the most. So, if you’ve already planned an IVF cycle and are new to exercising then begin slow. A simple walk daily is the perfect way to benefit your body and mind. You do not need to go on a beast mode and lift deadweights. Do not engage in intense exercises.   If you do not plan to seek an IVF cycle anytime soon then too getting started with exercise is a good idea. But as mentioned earlier, go slow, no need to get rigorous. Learn what your body is accepting and what is good for it.  

Learn More about Exercise and IVF

To conclude, yes, exercising is fine during IVF treatment as long as you follow the doctor’s suggestion. IVF treatment is performed in several stages. And in each stage the approach toward exercise changes. Although it remains very moderate and sometimes null.   You can further understand the relationship between exercise and IVF by visiting the Banker IVF centre in Ahmedabad. The fertility specialist Dr Manish Banker truly helps couples battling infertility across the nation. Dr Banker is the right person to seek answers to all your infertility-related queries.   Book an appointment and begin your fertility journey today!

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