What is Ectopic Pregency

What is Ectopic Pregnancy? Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

In this blog by Dr Manish Banker and team, we will answer all of the questions mentioned below:

  1. What is an ectopic pregnancy?
  2. What are the ectopic pregnancy symptoms?
  3. What are its causes?

Ectopic pregnancy is an abnormal pregnancy when the egg is fertilized outside the uterus. It can lead to severe bleeding and requires immediate medical attention.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

In a normal pregnancy, the egg gets fertilized in the lining of the uterus. However, in ectopic pregnancy, the egg gets fertilized outside of the lining of the uterus. 90% of the time in ectopic pregnancy, it is fertilized in the fallopian tube. This type of ectopic pregnancy is called a tubal pregnancy.

Some ectopic pregnancies can happen in other parts of the body, like the ovaries, abdominal cavity, and lower part of the uterus which connects to the vagina. Ectopic pregnancies are abnormal and cannot proceed safely and may cause life-threatening bleeding.

This is why it is very important to seek medical help from gynaecologists/ fertility specialists immediately. If you’ve been trying to conceive for a while now and haven’t gotten pregnant yet, an IVF Specialist is the best person who can help you resolve your fertility issues and fulfil your dream of parenthood.

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Ectopic pregnancies occur in about 1-2% of total pregnancies. The most important health risk of ectopic pregnancy is that it may rupture and can lead to internal bleeding. Not to worry, current advances and early diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy can be addressed with correct management.

In the previous eras, death rates from these pregnancies exceeded 50%, now it has come down to less than 5%. While understanding what is ectopic pregnancy, one must not forget the most vital takeaway- Seek early medical attention. Ectopic pregnancy is the main cause of unfortunate pregnancy-related deaths in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms:

A woman, in some cases, may not be aware that she is pregnant. The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are quite similar to a normal early pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms include

  • The absence of periods
  • Vaginal bleeding or intermittent bleeding, which is also known as spotting
  • Abdominal pain

You may find these symptoms with other underlying conditions such as a miscarriage. Some couples have faced miscarriages frequently and when that happens more than once, that is when you should reach out to the best IVF centre near you. If you are from Ahmedabad, Banker IVF – The best IVF centre in Ahmedabad is the one-stop solution for all your infertility-related problems.

Some ectopic pregnancies with non-specific symptoms may include

  • Nausea
  • Discomfort in the breasts
  • Weakness, giddiness
  • Dizziness while standing up
  • Pale skin
  • Rapid pulse

As the fallopian tube can burst or rupture due to an ectopic pregnancy, you may have additional symptoms like heavy vaginal bleeding, fainting, shoulder pain, and severe abdominal pain, especially on one side. This is why it is important to visit the doctor after a missed period. If you or your loved one are showing symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, then it is recommended you visit fertility specialists near you. Specialists like Dr Banker, Ahmedabad, also ensure that COVID-19 protocols are followed. Book your appointment at the BankerIVF clinic in just two minutes.

Ectopic Pregnancy- Causes & Risk Factors:

Another important part of learning what is ectopic pregnancy is to learn who is at risk of having an ectopic pregnancy. This helps people avoid such conditions and can proceed with caution.

  • Previous history of ectopic pregnancy- People who have had a previous experience with ectopic pregnancy are more likely to have another.
  • Inflammation or infection- Sexually transmitted infections for eg. gonorrhoea or chlamydia may increase the risk of having ectopic pregnancies.
  • Surgery in the fallopian tubes- If you have had a surgical correction procedure for complications like damaged or closed fallopian tubes, then it can increase the risk of this medical condition.
  • Birth control- Tubal ligation, a type of birth control procedure can be one of the causes of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Smoking- Cigarette smoking before getting pregnant is one of the causes of ectopic pregnancy as it affects the inner lining of the fallopian tubes.
  • Reproductive health condition- Endometriosis, and fibroid tumours, can disrupt egg transportation, which can also cause an ectopic pregnancy.

Other causes of ectopic pregnancy:

  • Age older than 35 while trying to conceive
  • PID or pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Adhesions due to previous pelvic surgeries.

Ectopic Pregnancy- Treatment:

One of the main aspects of understanding what ectopic pregnancy is, it is to understand the diagnosis and treatment options.

Ectopic pregnancy diagnosis:

During a consultation with a doctor, you will get clinically examined and may need to go for an ultrasound examination to locate pregnancy.

If the doctor suspects it to be an ectopic pregnancy further blood tests will be advised

The doctor recommends treatment options on the basis of the severity of the situation. Usually, in most cases, once a doctor finds that the person has an ectopic pregnancy she is prepared for treatment as soon as possible. In case of emergencies, ectopic pregnancy treatments may include surgeries.

The Conclusion:

So, to get a complete understanding of what is ectopic pregnancy, the most important takeaway is to be aware of all the symptoms. It begins with a missed period like all other pregnancies, however, to be safe if you notice anything abnormal, do visit a Fertility Specialist or IVF specialist like Dr Manish Banker immediately.

Banker IVF – The best IVF Hospital in Ahmedabad, is a fertility centre where a team of IVF experts will help you and guide you through your journey from infertility to fertility.

There are various factors that can lead to ectopic pregnancies like STDs, pelvic surgeries, previous history of ectopic pregnancy, etc. It can be life-threatening if the condition is left untreated, however, if it is found at an early stage then through medication itself it can be solved. In case of emergencies, surgeries are performed. If you liked this blog on what is ectopic pregnancy and its symptoms, then you can visit our blog page for many such blogs.

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1. What is the main cause of ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy means that the egg gets implanted outside the uterus. The most common place for it to get implanted is in the fallopian tube. This often happens due to damage or inflammation in the tubes which makes further transportation of an embryo difficult and it results in an ectopic pregnancy.

2. Can a baby survive during an ectopic pregnancy?

In an ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. The fetus cannot usually survive in such situations. Such pregnancies can cause harm if left untreated.

3. How soon would you know if you have an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy symptoms are usually seen between the fourth and twelfth week of pregnancy. Many women do not experience symptoms other than a missed period or spotting at first.

4. How serious is an ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancies are a serious condition for women. If the symptoms are ignored, and if the tube bursts or ruptures, then severe internal bleeding can happen which can lead to sequelae of life-threatening complications.

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