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Inspiring IVF Success Stories In India: Achieving conception on the initial attempt!

“It’s going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Infertility to fertility is a journey. A journey – full of ups and downs, patience, hope and experiencing the joy of parenthood. IVF is more than just a procedure. It’s your way out of being infertile and giving yourself a chance to hold your flesh and blood in your hands. It is understandable: while one is trying to conceive and is constantly failing to do so, everything comes crashing down. At this point, one cannot be in that space to think positively and keep hoping for good to happen.  

Depression, anxiety, pressure, sadness, and the fact that you are not able to conceive will put you in a position where you constantly question yourself about a lot of things. In this situation, the first thing you need to do is “CLEAR YOUR MIND”. Understand that whatever is happening is not because of you and you are not responsible for it. The more you let this affect you, the more problems it will create for you. Try to surround yourself with an environment that comforts and heals you internally.  

Wisdom is in knowing where the problem is lying and how you can fix it. A lot of factors contribute to your infertility and they are as follows:

Factors that Contribute to Your Fertility

  • The first and the most responsible factor is AGE.
  • Second factor includes infections or  issues in the reproductive organs like endometriosis, PCOS, uterine malformations, etc.
  • Third factor include a genetic cause.
  • Fourth factor includes any frequent intoxication like TOBACCO or ALCOHOL 
  • The fifth can be body-related issues – Like being UNDERWEIGHT or OVERWEIGHT 
  • Sixth could be because of infected or inherited diseases.  
  • Seventh is because of your exposure to environmental toxins 
  • Eighth could be the possibility that you are going through radiation therapy or chemotherapy. 
  • The nineth reason could be STIs.
  • Lastly, in about 20 to 30 percent cases, the exact cause cannot be found out and is call unexplained infertility.

For any of the above-mentioned cases, it is advised to visit the best fertility doctor. The fertility doctor is sure to get to the crux of the problem and find a solution for you.    

Banker IVF is the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad with a solution to all infertility-related problems. We have transparent lab tests and the highest success IVF ratio of all the IVF centres in India. We have a team of qualified fertility and IVF specialist who will not only guide you during your journey but also help you fulfil your dreams of parenthood.   

At Banker IVF hospital in Ahmedabad, you get different treatment options available which you can access by clicking on the button given below.

Now, we know that both men and women suffer from infertility and there are different treatment options available due to which many couples have experienced the joy of parenthood. Here, in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most inspiring stories of these couples and how the best fertility hospital in Ahmedabad helped them with their Journey from Infertility to Fertility.

Inspiring Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

Dr Manish Banker and his team of IVF specialist have always found a way to bring a ray of hope and happiness in the life of infertile couples. 


1) Miraya – The Miracle Baby

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

“IVF is a boon to infertile couples who wish to become parents”

The journey of Jigar Mehta and his wife Bhavina Mehta from repeated IVF failures to having their miracle baby with us at Banker IVF is an absolute success and achievement for us. Their journey started with Mrs Bhavina facing fertility complications.  

Most of the time, when we are facing any medical issue, we think that it is best to visit foreign countries for better and more advanced treatments. We think that the doctors there are more trained and advanced in terms of technology and knowledge.  

In this case, the couple decided to visit London as they were very sure that they want to go ahead with an IVF treatment. Now, unfortunately, their cycles failed and they had no option but to return to India amidst the treatment due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. In 2021, they contacted Dr Manish Banker with a reference from a friend and their IVF treatment began soon after.  

In the second trial itself, they got a positive result and when the couple reached out to thank Dr Banker for fulfilling their dream of parenthood, Dr Banker had the following thing to say to them,

“Don’t hurry already, there is a lot that needs to be done yet, wait it out”

The wait was worth it and the couple happily and successfully delivered their miracle baby girl, Miraya. 

Mrs Bhavina Mehta’s Experience at Banker IVF

Although both partners are equally attached to the pregnancy and the baby growing inside, a woman is always more attached as she is the one feeling and going through every little change in her body.  

Mrs Bhavina mentioned, “From day one, I didn’t feel like they are making any business here. It felt like they genuinely take part in your process and make a way out for you. The best part about this hospital is that you will find everything under one roof and that there is complete transparency and clarity about everything. The protocols, their approach towards us, their staff, everything gave us the hope that we can make it.”

“Dr Banker is God in human form and he can give any couple the joy of experiencing parenthood”

2) Pari – The Light of Our Lives

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

Divyesh Chauhan and Anita Chauhan’s daughter Pari (Real name – Prachi) is the light of their lives and she has brought all the happiness the couple wished for in their life.  

Their story is quite inspiring. The couple got married in 2015 and tried to conceive naturally for more than 2 years. Mr Divyesh met with an accident later wherein his scrotum was badly injured resulting in a decline in his sperm count from 20 million to 2 million sperms. 

They consulted a lot of doctors amongst whom, Dr keyur sheth recommended they visit Dr Manish Banker because it was only, he, who could fix their problem. Dr Banker told the couple,

“Don’t worry, there’s a way out & I will be there, I’ll give you the result” 

Dr Manish Banker successfully developed more than 7 healthy embryos and transferred 2 healthy embryos out of which one turned out to be our Pari.  

Mr Divyesh mentioned that,

“Dr Manish Banker was like a father to me and he is the best doctor in the world and he can do a miracle for you” 

After a certain age, if you don’t have a baby, society starts questioning you. The societal pressure can become the reason for depression and anxiety. Infertility is a cognitive issue as much as it is a reproductive issue. Thus, mental health too plays a crucial role when it comes to seeking fertility treatment.  

In such cases, if you are not able to conceive naturally even after trying several times, it is best to visit an IVF specialist such as Dr Manish Banker at the IVF centre in Ahmedabad.

3) Sathatya – Our Healthy Baby Boy

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

Satyam and Anjana Patel got married in 2002 and could not conceive. They were infertile for nearly 15-17 years and then they decided to opt test tube baby. After talking to Dr Manish Banker, it gave them hope and they sensed that if they have come here, they will get successful.  

The couple said, 

“They never got this hope from elsewhere”

Sathatya is 6 years old today, and is completely healthy, just like a normally delivered child would be.  

The staff review is great, they treat you like their own people. Banker IVF is a place where you will get great guidance. They have enlightened the lives of 51,000 families by giving them the gift of a child. 

4) Jhanvi – Our First Baby

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

Bhupendra Rana and his wife Kamini Rana were trying to conceive naturally for quite a few years after their marriage. But, they soon realised that due to some reasons they are facing issues with being fertile and hence, they are not able to conceive naturally. 

After 8 years of going through several tests and procedures, their friend advised them to visit Dr Manish Banker, an IVF specialist in Ahmedabad. 8 years of infertility had been a mental and emotional trauma and they were now in hope for the best to happen.  

As per their reviews, they were very happy with the staff and the quality of treatment the IVF centre were offering. They were happy with the transparency and treatment. Their trust in us seeped in deeper when they were successfully able to conceive in their third cycle. 

“IVF is Not Harmful”

said the couple. Instead, it is a boon to infertile couples who wish to have a family of themselves someday. Their beautiful daughter Jhanvi has grown up and this time Mr Bhupendra and their wife have revisited us for their second baby. 

5) Brijesh and Reena Patel’s Daughter – Their world

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

This couple got married in 2012. After being married for a few years, they tried to conceive but when they failed to do so, they figured out that they were infertile. After 4-5 years of constant failures and infertility, they visited Dr Manish Banker, the fertility specialist at Banker IVF, the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad, they were able to conceive only within the first few trials. They said,

“Dr. Manish Banker is God for us”

6) Bhavini & Dhaval Patel’s Journey

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

The reason for infertility could be divided into 4 segments.

30% reason could be because of woman. 

30% reason could be because of a man.

30% reason could be because of both a man and a woman and the rest 10% is because of unexplained reasons. 

In this case, Mr Dhaval and his wife Bhavini, both were infertile. After 2 years of marriage, they wanted to conceive but they found out that they both were infertile. 

With this infertility problem, they visited Dr Banker and his team of fertility experts. With his help, the couple was able to conceive in their second IVF cycle itself. They said, 

“Dr Banker is the Best”

IVF Myths Debunked

  • IVF does not cause you to have multiple births. 
  • IVF is not the only way to have a baby if you’re infertile 
  • IVF is NOT AT ALL a traumatic procedure. 
  • An IVF baby does not have an increased risk of birth defects. 
  • One IVF failure does not close your chance of success forever. 

For all your IVF-related issues, you can visit Banker IVF, the best IVF hospital in Ahmedabad. 

7) Trupti Bhaskar Patel’s Journey

IVF Success Stories with Banker IVF in Ahmedabad

In the Baroda localite, Mrs Trupti Bhavsar couldn’t conceive for 10 long years due to fertility issues. She reached out to a lot of doctors for help but she wasn’t able to find her way out even after several tries and numerous treatments. Her willingness to be a mother was so strong that at last, with a little hope in her heart, she reached out to Dr Manish Banker. Her patience and trust in Dr Banker ended her journey of infertility in the first IVF cycle itself and she conceived successfully. 

She said, 

“There is nothing negative about IVF. It’s a normal medical procedure. At Banker IVF, I experienced zero pain treatment and everyone who wishes to treat infertility and become parents, should come here!”  

EMI Facility at Banker IVF

IVF is a lengthy and expensive treatment. India has a population of 1.3 billion and about 16.9% of the population is affected by infertility. There are many reasons why these couples would not reach out for help out of which the below mentioned two reasons are the main ones: 

  • The societal embarrassment that one might face for not being able to conceive naturally. 
  • Financial issues. 

But at Banker IVF centre in Ahmedabad, the treatment is so precise and the procedures are so clear, that within very less time, you will get a very good result and it won’t be that much expensive either!   

The treatments are available at a very reasonable rate, but for couples who cannot afford that, we have an EMI facility available.    

Banker IVF stands at the top and is known for its quality treatments with sheer care and proficiency. We are equipped with the latest technology, providing transparent lab tests. At Banker IVF, we have multiple fertility treatments for men and women or both. With these treatments and our proficiency, you will get to experience the joy of parenthood.     

We are also very happy to announce that we are the first IVF Fertility Center to create India’s first Saviour Sibling – It is a process where the birth of a ‘saviour sibling’ can be a bone marrow donor for the brother/sister.   

No couple should be barred from experiencing the sweet joy of being a parent. With this motto, the IVF specialist, Dr Manish Banker provides fertility treatment at the best IVF centre in Ahmedabad!  

These inspiring stories are living proof that no matter how difficult the situation might be, the expertise of the best IVF doctor in Ahmedabad always helps.  

Banker IVF is here for you, to guide you, treat you and help you to fulfil your dreams of parenthood.  

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