Sperm Cramps Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Prevention

Sperm Cramps: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Prevention

Sperm cramps, or epididymal hypertension, is a common but often misdiagnosed men’s health issue. Sperm cramps can hurt and disrupt sexual and reproductive health in men after orgasm. It may also cause pain during ejaculation. Unfortunately, sperm cramps are often a taboo topic, leading to a lack of awareness and understanding of the condition. In this blog, we will explore the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and prevention of sperm cramps.

Top IVF hospital in India

Top 5 IVF Hospitals in India: Why Banker IVF is the Best

In the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART), India serves as a ray of hope for a myriad of individuals and couples who experience infertility. In today’s world, it can be challenging to pick the right IVF hospital with so many options out there. In this extensive guide, we will be discussing the best IVF hospitals in India, with a focus on their unique services, expertise, and success stories. From innovative excellence to holistic wellness, these hospitals exemplify compassionate care and cutting-edge technology.

What Is the Legal Age Limit for IVF Treatment in India

What Is the Legal Age Limit for IVF Treatment in India?

In Vitro Fertilization commonly referred to as IVF is one of the leading treatments for couples struggling with infertility. However, there are certain rules and regulations established by the government to ensure the safety of these procedures. There have been recent developments in IVF age-related concerns. This blog provides a thorough understanding of these new regulations and what they mean for you.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Unveils Government's Initiatives in the 2024 Interim Budget

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman Unveils Government’s Initiatives in the 2024 Interim Budget: Govt to Focus on Vaccination Against Cervical Cancer

With India contributing nearly a quarter of global cervical cancer deaths, the government’s commitment aligns directly with the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization’s recommendation for HPV vaccine introduction in universal immunisation. This includes a one-time catch-up for 9-14 year-old adolescent girls.

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Treatment

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss: Exploring Causes and Treatment Options

Frequent pregnancy loss is a surprisingly common phenomenon. Research on the matter has revealed that nearly 15% of all medically recorded pregnancies end in failure. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss or RPL is a term that is used to define a condition wherein a repeated miscarriage occurs or someone experiences three or more pregnancy losses before reaching 20 weeks from their last period. It’s a challenging situation for those hoping to have a baby.


7 Ways to Deal With Depression and Anxiety in College

You could not have thought that joining college will be such a game-changer. After all, in high school you didn’t have to balance your academics with social life, sharing a room with total strangers, feeling free, or being so far from home. College life is hard and stressful, and many students fall into depression. There are ways to deal with this. Read on to find out how you can overcome it.

Reasons Why College Students Suffer from Depression and Anxiety in College

You will feel that you have a lot on your plate. You fear that you might disappoint your parents or guardians with your performance because the tuition fees are not in any way cheap.

Other worries that can make your life even harder include making it to class on time, having to contribute to class discussions, or the concern about getting a job after school. Is this happening to you already? It doesn’t stop there. Social and peer pressure doesn’t spare you. You want to have fun, party hard, meet new people, experience new things and the list is endless.

How to Know You Are Falling Into Depression and Anxiety

With all the things you are juggling, depression and anxiety might start to kick in. If you are experiencing the following symptoms, you might be depressed.

  • The world doesn’t interest you anymore.
  • You have trouble remembering simple things and focusing in class
  • Your appetite has changed.
  • You feel guilty for something you don’t know and even start experiencing suicidal thoughts.
  • You most probably lack sleep at night or remain in bed all day.
  • You don’t have to go through this silently!

How to Deal with Depression and Anxiety in College 

To get through this phase of your life here are 7 ways to take control of your life in college again and deal with depression and anxiety head-on:

1. Ask for Help

Okay, you are feeling gloomy and in a dark tunnel with no possibility of light at its end. You might even feel like the world has lost its color. You do not have to deal with all this alone. It is time to seek professional help. Get into psychotherapy. Do not be embarrassed to approach your school’s mental health counselor for assistance.

Talking to them about your issues will help you identify the factors of your depression symptoms and how to rise above them. You shouldn’t wait for the problem to get worse. The earlier you get started with your treatment, the better. You will even be surprised that you’re not the first student to battle depression and you will make out of it just fine.

2. Join a Support Group

Make a point of joining groups of other students who are battling with depression and anxiety. Listening to their experiences and the steps they are taking to recover might be what you need to learn to deal with your situation.

You will also need to seek the support of your family and friends. They know you better; thus regularly sharing your feelings with them shouldn’t be hard. They will listen and offer you the encouragement that you need. Having a support system goes a long way in overcoming depression.

There is strength in accepting that you have a problem and wanting to solve it is the most significant achievement. You are not perfect. Forgive yourself and treat yourself with kindness when you make mistakes.